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SMART CHOICE FOR MEDICAL EXPENSE AT THE INTERNATIONAL CLINIC What are your most concerns about healthcare systems while you are living or traveling in Viet Nam? Most of public Healthcare facilities are overload, not international standard and English communication is the biggest barrier. What would you do in case of outpatient care, medical emergency or medical evacuation/repatriation needed? There are a few international clinics in Ho Chi Minh City, charging their services very expensive, so insurance coverage is uncertain. AT MEDICAL SERVICE INTERNATIONAL  We have a unique team of experience western-trained Doctors from USA, together with national Doctors who work in various international settings, committed to provide superior standard

Service will assist in taking you to Bangkok, Singapore or your home country when medical cases are severe or insurance requirement to be treated at nearest center of medical excellence and cannot be treated in the Vietnam.  A few international clinics can provide this service such as IFM (www.ifmclinic.com), ISOS and FMP.  However, costs are varied so please check for quote.  This service cover by most international insurance and travel insurance or self pay. IFM doctors are western-trained and used to do over 90% international evacuations / repatriations for ISOS now committed to serve the expatriate communitiy in Viet Nam with international

While life in the country is generally safe, there are a number of widespread infectious diseases that you should be aware. These include hepatitis A and B, traveler diarrhea, and food poisoning which can be a big problem in the countryside where hygiene standards are usually lower compared to the cities.  It is best to avoid drinking tap water and drink from bottled water instead. Sunburn, sunstroke and dehydration may also pose a problem due to the heat. Typhoid, dengue fever and malaria are also still common in the country.